Yes! All our sites are fully compatible with mobile devices. However if you want to download movies, we recommend you use a desktop computer.

Don't worry! All our payment pages are fully secure.

Not only that, but we never see your full card number at any time. If you contact us and we need to locate your transactions, we will only ever ask for the last four numbers of your card.

Don't worry! Your card statement will show one of the following discreet items:

  2. ccbill
  3. Epoch
  4. Mania Media World AZ
  5. Mania Media World England

We accept VISA and Mastercard along with Discover.
We can also accept checks and in some region bank transfers. Please contact us if you are unable to pay by the main credit cards.

Oh no!

Most of the time, the reason for the signup form not completing is because a bad email address was entered. Please check it and try again.

If you are still having trouble, please contact us and we should be able to let you know why it is not working for you.

This is probably because when you signed up as a member you chose to take a membership to another site at a discounted price. This was selected by yourself on the credit card payment form - we do not 'pre-check' offers to other sites on your behalf. Simply contact us and we can help put it right for you.

If you have any questions at all about your billing, please come and talk to us and we will answer any questions you have, or rectify any mistakes. All our agents are empowered to resolve your problem, we will get it right first time for you.

Please ensure your membership is cancelled in good time. For trial memberships, notification that you wish to cancel should be given 24 hours before the renewal, and for monthly or longer memberships, please request cancellation within three days of the renewal.

It is also possible that on joining, or after joining, you decided to join another of our sites. If you contact us we can tell you which sites you are a member of.

Most importantly, please remember that we want you to have a good experience. If you have any questions or think there has been an error, please contact us so we can put it right for you.

Members with normal usage patterns will never see any 'blocked' messages.

Normal usage includes using different devices to access the site throughout the day and downloading your favourite videos and downloading each new update.

We use smart technology solutions to detect unusual behaviour, for example logging in from more than one country, or downloading every video in a short period of time. If we detect this, your membership may become temporarily blocked to protect your login and our servers.

Please contact us and we can unblock it for you and change your password if you feel it has been compromised.

Your username and password are displayed on screen after successful payment, and they are also emailed to you - if you don't see this email, please check your Spam folder.

Almost all support queries are answered within 12 hours, 7 days a week. At the very most all queries are answered within 48 hours, even over public holidays.

Please note if you don't get a reply straight away, it is important to not send another message as it will delay us in replying.

We will happily change your password. Just get in touch with us and remember to include the new password you want - a minimum of six characters.

We respect our models privacy and never divulge any of their details. However, many models love to interact with their fans have have social media profiles. We suggest using Google to search for the model name followed by 'twitter' for example first name last name twitter

We are sorry that you want to leave us

If you would like to end your membership, simple login to the site you joined and click SUPPORT at the bottom of the page. Most customers will be able to cancel their membership right in the members area without needing to do anything else.

Please ensure that membership cancellation requests are made at least three days before the end of the membership term. Cancellations which are done too close to the monthly renewal time may not be effective until after the renewal is completed.

We want you to be happy even if you cancel your membership because we hope to see you back in the future! We will correct any mistakes we make and we will not overcharge you.